Throbbing Eye

My ex-girlfriend and I were doing it in my car when we decided to change positions. It was a relatively tight space so while we were attempting to shift around, she elbowed me in my left eye. It throbbed momentarily, but I thought nothing of it. Within two weeks I had developed full blown Bell’s Palsy, paralyzing the left side of my face.

Juicy Thong

My boyfriend of 3 years was making love to me 2 weeks ago. He used what he calls doggy greet on me; he put his 7 inch cock in me and started fucking me for a while and taking it out. I thought he was going to quit on me after he unloaded in me, but to my surprise he got down and ate me out. He repeated a few times until I cummed. When I was moaning in delight, he grabbed my thong on the bed, used it to wipe up my snatch. I thought the thin material of the thong wouldn’t be enough to absorb my juices. I said, “Now what will I wear under my skirt.” He told me, “Shhhhh, don’t say anything and open your mouth.” I did so, thinking he was going to put his cock in, but he shoved my thong in my mouth and told me to suck on it and enjoy my own juices.

I couldn’t believe what he just did to me, making me taste my juices and whatever’s on my thong. But on the same token, I felt dominated by him and loved every bit of it. Usually, he would eat me out and lick my flow and then give me a kiss. I love his surprises. Maybe tonight I’ll blow him and hold his cum in my mouth and kiss him, returning the favor of having him taste his yummy jizz.

Blow Job Lessons

I’m a gay guy, but I can occasionally get aroused thinking about women. The other week I went for dinner with my friend Jacqui and her boyfriend Mark. They’re both in their mid twenties, a few years younger than me. I’ve always fancied Mark; he has a large package in his jeans and a cute fuckable ass. Well, the drinks flowed, and we started talking about blow-jobs. Mark said he didn’t feel that Jacqui really knew how to suck cock, and she explained that she was always a bit anxious about him cumming in her mouth. I jokingly offered to give her lessons. Mark and Jacqui looked at each other then said, “We were kinda hoping you’d say that”. Mark got his cock out – a beautiful. thick 8 incher, rock hard, and I was soon kneeling in front on him sucking on it. Jackie knelt beside me, watching intently and fingering herself as she got excited.

Soon she stripped, and helped Mark and I to get naked too. I let her take over sucking while I went round the back and started tonguing his beautiful, hairy ass. Soon Mark was fucking Jacqui doggie-style. I stood in front of her and she sucked my cock. Soon Mark came up her cunt, he pulled out and I got down there to lap up his spunk, mixed with her juice. Then Jacqui told me that she often shoved a dildo up Mark’s ass, but she’d like to watch me give him the real thing. I fucked him doggie style while Jaqui fondled and kissed him and me. After I shot my load up him, Jacqui and I both got down to lick my cream off his ass crack. I have a feeling they might invite me round again soon.

Nurses Need Fucking Too

A nurse was taking my blood pressure at the hospital when she noticed my hard on. She took me into a room and sucked me off swallowing all of my cum. Then she bent over on the bed spreading her ass cheeks and begged me to fuck her up the butt. She said it was her first time up the ass and my cock inspired her to try it. She is divorced and really needed a good fuck.

Smelly Pillow

Sometimes I pretend to have sex with a pillow. I have cummed on the pillow over 50 times and still use it when I go to sleep.

Friendly Threesome

A while ago my wife and I had a threesome with a good friend of mine. He was helping us move and stayed around for a couple of beers. While we were playing pool he was teaching my wife to shoot. Soon after I got her going by kissing her neck and rubbing her tits and pussy and that started things off, she started pushing her ass against my friend while he was behind her helping her shoot and he started to touch her.

We ended up at our place where I watched Tom fuck my wife, she blew him while I was fucking her and vise-versa but what she liked best is when he was sitting on the couch she sat on his dick with her back to him and I licked her clit while he fucked her. She came all over him!! I liked fucking her with a big load of his cum in her pussy!! I never would have thought this a few years ago but I love sharing my wife. We are looking for a good-looking young guy to try it again soon, can’t wait!!!

Lesbian Juices

I love to watch lesbian pornos. Even though I love having sex with men, watching lesbians eat each other’s pussies is such a turn on. I can imagine how it would feel to run my hands over a woman’s breasts while I’m lapping up her juices with my tongue. I would love to “scissor” with a hot woman and feel her pussy rubbing against mine.

Wild Nights

I’m in college and live in the dorms. I had never met my roommate before we moved in together, but when I did I couldn’t believe how hot she was. I had a boyfriend at the time, but I couldn’t help being attracted to her. One night she came back from the shower in her robe. I couldn’t help but stare because I could see water trickling down from her legs and thought how much I would like to lick it off her. Instead of getting dressed, she pushed play on her VCR and started watching a lesbian porno! I started to watch the women on the screen eat each other and my pussy was drenched. When I looked back at my roommate, she had pushed her robe up her legs and was fingering herself. I could see her wet hole but I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept watching her. Finally she stood up and dropped her whole robe. She had an awesome body.

Then she walked over to me and kissed me. It was incredible! She took my hands and put one of them on her breast and the other between her legs. I slid my finger inside her and couldn’t believe how wet and warm she was. I could smell how good her pussy was so I pulled her towards me and licked her from pussy hole to clit. Then I sucked her clit into my mouth and plunged three fingers into her. She started to undress me and soon she was straddling my face in the 69 position. She tasted so good. Then she went to her dresser and pulled out a strap on. When she put it on she fucked me for what seemed like a life time. It was the best sex I had ever had, even with men. I could taste my juices when she kissed me, and it only made me hornier. When we came for the fifth time, we had one last taste of each other and then went to bed. We never mentioned it after that, but every now and then we relive that wild night!

Cum Shower!

My girlfriend and I have sex at least 4 times a day, and every single time she cums like a tap. Once she came all over me 15 times in the one session, I love her warm juices running down the inside of my legs, and down my cock. My god, when she cums, she cums. I think I might stand under her for a shower seeing the water pressure is stronger!

My Friend’s Wife

Today I sucked and squeezed the beautiful breasts of the wife of my friend. I went to their home to pick up a book. The book was a fantasy novel about sex, sex and lots of sex. My friend wasn’t there and she was rather ‘casually’ dressed. I could clearly see her hard nipples under her shirt and I couldn’t take my eyes off. I looked at the sofa and realized that she was still reading the book. Again I looked at her breasts while talking to her. Both of us knew that we couldn’t hold ourselves longer. I gathered all my courage and told my friend’s wife that her breasts looked great. And if she doesn’t mind, I would love to taste them. I opened her shirt and fondled those beauties and sucked them for quite sometime. When we heard my friend’s foot steps, we quickly wrapped up but decided that we would meet soon. Hopefully I will fuck my friend’s lovely wife soon.