My girlfriend and I got bored one day and started to make some love. After our clothes had been flung across the room, she attempted to what I can only describe as some sort of mounting move. After lifting one leg over me, her supporting leg slipped off the sofa and landed on my penis. I was in agony. Sir Edmond Hillary would be spinning in his grave. But like a true trooper I continued the dirty deed until I managed to shoot my load all over her ample and lovely boobs. Upon closer inspection my jizz turned out to be mixed with blood. Turns out she had broken some blood vessels in my shaft.

Whore Thief

A decent looking girl was into me at the bar, a little too into me. She begged me to take her home. Despite me being drunk I still only lasted a few minutes. But, she was oddly satisfied with my poor performance. The next morning, I woke up to my entire bedroom being ransacked – my blackberry is gone, most of my clothes and my computer speakers are all gone. I’m currently posting this from my school library because she stole my laptop too.

Under Control

When I was 18 I dated a guy that was 20 years older than me. He kept trying to talk me into letting him tie me up, but I was somewhat afraid he’d leave me there. Finally, I relented. Since his bed was a box Spring and mattress right on the floor, we moved to his roommates bed which was on a frame. He tied me to the bed with scarves, covered my eyes then produced a feather and proceeded to drive me wild by teasing me with it. When I begged him to, he finally climbed on top and fucked me. It felt so strange because I couldn’t move and I couldn’t see. He had complete control over me. That’s when I realized just how much I like having a man control me.

Bloody Sex

Last weekend I was fucking this Kate Hudson/Kathy Griffin looking sweety. She let out a loud scream, rolled over, and started crying while shaking back and forth on the laundry room floor of my fraternity house crying and grabbing her ass. Once I noticed blood on her hands I drove her to the hospital and took her to the E.R. but had to carry her in my arms because she was in too much pain to walk. I told the doctor she was my girlfriend just so it wouldn’t look as bad or as slutty for her which led the doctor to assume he should tell ME that she should only eat blended food and liquids for the next three to five weeks. When I dropped her off at her apartment I apologized and let her know about her new diet for the month of May. Yesterday I found out she was a virgin.

The Jeep

I was recently having a party at my cottage by a nearby lake. A girl that has been known to be a little bit freaky showed up and I decided that this was a prime opportunity. Because my place was pretty crowded and the party was going strong, we decide to take it to my friend’s jeep outside. Once inside she begins to perform some manual labor on me that could be compared to a 45 year old plumber going to town on me with a monkey wrench. I was beginning to get frustrated and decided it had to stop, so I proposed the idea of some friendly intercourse. After spending twenty or so minutes trying to somehow fit my manhood inside of her “hoo-hoo” (which was far from clean shaven). After developing major rugburn, I realize that this is not one of my favorite sexual encounters to date. Finally she gets on top of my saliva-doused person and starts to git-r-done. After less than two minutes, I noticed a pool of fluid gathering in my belly button. I realized that this was some genuine female love juice and along with my belly it was all over the jeep. The intoxication kicked in and I started laughing hysterically. The laughter however did not last long as she began to lick it out of my belly button, and wipe some of it that had dripped into my ass crack. I was so freaked out that I am still too scared to talk to her. The next day my friend received a compliment on the jeep as his grandma told him that she liked the smell of it.

The Next Best Thing

I’ve always wanted to see my wife with another man. We’ve roleplayed this a few times, but she’s made it very clear that she will never do it in real life, despite my trying to talk her into it in a variety of ways over several years.

Since she won’t be with another man, I decided to do the next best thing that I could think of. I posted an ad on craigslist, got some responses and then had one of these men come to our house when she was at work. We met in a parking lot nearby and then I had him follow me to the house.

Once we got here, I had a half-dozen or so nude pics of her printed out and laid on the bed. We went through her things, particularly her panty/lingerie drawer and started to get hard. Once he was ready, I got onto me knees, unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. I finished getting him hard with my hands and then sucked on him for five or six minutes until he was getting close to cumming.

When he was about ready, we moved into the bathroom and he shot most of his load into a bottle of her body wash. Some of his cum splattered on the floor and I used her toothbrush to clean that up. We said our goodbyes and I cleaned up the remaining evidence.

I’ve chatted with the guy a few times over email and we’re thinking about having him over again and this time cum onto her dildo and vibrator.

Blame the Pussy

I was watching a movie with my girlfriend in her bed. Her father left for work and we were alone in the apartment. I start kissing and feeling her and saying to myself “Woo, I am finally gonna lose my virginity!!”, then her cat enters the room. She makes a fucking gruesome roar and starts throwing up a huge mess that looks like catfood mixed with blood. My girlfriend left to get the cat to the vet. That was the last time I ever saw her. I think about her all the time, and I’m still a virgin. I am starting to think I will never have sex. I am 25 years old.

The Online Whore

I met a married man online. He really wanted to have wild kinky sex with a stranger. So did I. I met him and I let him do whatever he wanted to do, that he couldn’t do with his wife. He wanted to see me pee and spray it all over myself. He ate me out and fucked me real hard and deep in a doggy position. He fucked my titties and came in my mouth. I love the taste of his cum and his big balls slapping my face, it felt so good being a discrete whore and making our fantasy come true.

Why is it red?! Oh…

A few years back I was dating the most beautiful girl I had seen. Green eyes, long brown hair, slender body and she rode horses (any implicit innuendo is acceptable). She was getting all dolled up to go out with her friends that night when a stroke of genius occurred. “hmmmm…” i thought. “She is looking rather sexy, maybe I could persuade her in to a little pre-party intercourse.” So I gently walked up behind her in the bathroom mirror and start kissing her neck softly, slowly running my hands across her stomach. She is leaning back slowly breathing in my ear ever so gently. I keep kissing her and with the mood becoming heated I slide my hand down her jeans and into panties. I maintain my focus on kissing her neck while ever so gently petting her. Moments later she is grinding against me, the room is spinning with how enamored we’ve become. I run my hands all over her chest, her breasts and stomach. I whisper in her ear “you’re so wet.” At this precise moment she gazed in to the mirror. The scene somewhat resembled the beginning of Robocop. She had just started her period. Mind you she just finished spending an hour getting ready and my magic hands just made her look like an extra from Army of Darkness. Needless to say I did not get laid.


I’ve been jacking off in the office over my office manager. She’s a really sweet country type girl with a nice pair of boobs, a slightly big but nicely shaped ass, blonde and a very sweet smile. We talk a lot and get along great, and I’ve really got an urge to fuck her. Well, can’t really do that so I jack off while she’s on the other side of the office partition. I’ve smelled her panties and jacked off on them when she changed clothes at work to go to a swimming work out right from the office. She smells like a mix of sweet fruit from her soap and a nice earthy pussy smell.

I’ve got the fantasy of her mouth on me as I jack off into her mouth, and she sucks on the head of my dick until I come and then snowballs me to share my cum. I also whack off thinking about eating her out and then sharing her cum with her. She’s talked to me about sexual things with her husband and one was about his cumming in her mouth. She likes it, he has troubles with it. I’ve whacked off and dripped some cum into her cocoa and a couple of times in her bottle of water that she keeps on her desk and then I watch her drink it. I think she knows.