Mean Girlfriend

One day my girlfriends stopped having sex with me, so I made her watch me have sex with her female pitbull in front of me. She got jealous, and now were having sex again.

Business Trip Fun

I was away on a business trip and I was drinking with a man who kept complimenting me on my looks. I felt myself getting extremely horny. Eventually I ended up back in his room and for the first time in sixteen years I had a man other than my husband inside me. The regret was almost unbearable, but the excitement was as well. Having another man filling me and taking me in different positions while telling how sexy I was drove me wild. I came while he took me from behind and while I was on top, and this was after he made me cum by licking me. I masturbate now frequently thinking about sleeping with other men. At times I think that I will sleep with two or even a group of men… On those nights I feel insatiable.

Hi Mom, Hi Dad

Last weekend, I woke up to a combination of pounding and door bell ringing. I answered the door semi hungover to my parents standing in front of me. I don’t think they were too please to see me in my hungover state of mind. They asked me what was on my forehead. I said, “I don’t know.” They told me to go take a look. I went into the bathroom to find out OWNED was written on my forehead.


So I met this really hot guy at his fraternity. We started hanging out a lot (drunkenly) and one night very early into our relationship I went home with him. I was quite clearly blacked out because the only thing I remember is after we hooked up he left to go to the bathroom and jokingly said “don’t throw up while I’m gone.” I laughed and then the next thing I remember is waking up in the middle of the night laying naked in my own puke in his bed, and seeing him curled up in a ball in his doorway sleeping.

Exposed Myself

When I was young, and still a virgin, it always made me so excited to be seen nude by accident, such as having someone walk in on me while I was getting changed.

However I always got the most turned on when it was my dad that did the walking in, as he would always be very embarrassed and get shy about it. It didn’t happen very often though, to my dismay.

One night I was lying awake, and I heard my dad get up and go to the bathroom. I quickly hopped out of bed and, wearing just panties, headed for the bathroom. I was walking down the hall rubbing my eyes sleepily when he came out.

I gasped and jumped, pretending to be surprised, and then said sorry, I didn’t think anyone was up. I went to pass him in the hall and I felt his eyes follow me the whole time, and he was staring at my breasts. It felt so good, and when I went back to bed I masturbated like crazy. I’d like to think he did too.


My sister-in-law ran into some problems and moved in with my wife and I. It worked out well for awhile then one day while my wife was gone my sister-in-law looked at me and said,” I wanna fuck you!”. I was always attracted to her and said yes.

We were naked in a flash and she wasted no time. She took my cock in her mouth and gave me a world class blowjob. She let me cum in her mouth and looked at me,smiled,and kissed me pushing her tongue down my throat,feeding me my cum. This really turned me on and I returned the favor.By then I was hard again and we went at it. Oral, anal, doggie, you name it, we tried it. This went on for a couple of months until she moved out. She even gave me a blowjob in the living room while my wife was sleeping. My wife and I divorced some years later and she to this day doesn’t know.

Seductive Nights

I have been having an affair with my wife’s sister for about 2 years now. It happened one day at her house when her husband was out of town. We were talking and sipping on some wine when I kissed her gently and touched her breasts through her blouse. After about 20 minutes of kissing I managed to remove her blouse and bra and lick her nipples. Even though she struggled and wanted to stop, I continued to seduce her and removed her jeans and rubbed her cunt with my hand through her panties.

I carried her up to her bedroom and removed her panties and stripped off my clothes. I kissed her lips hard and shoved my tongue into her mouth and then kissed down her body and shoved my tongue into her cunt. I sucked her dry for about an hour. I kissed up her body and shoved my hot hard 8″ cock into her cunt and fucked her hard and fast. She was so turned on that she thrusted her hips up to meet my hard cock driving into her. She begged me to fuck her as hard as I could. I made her cum and I came deep into her cunt. I wanted her to feel my hot cum shooting into her cunt. She became so turned on by this that we continue doing it as often as possible.

My Son’s Wife

My son’s wife is very attractive. I used to see her fucking my son from a hole I had made on the wooden wall of their room. When my son was away I told her that I would break them up if she wouldn’t let me fuck her. She had no choice, I licked her juicy pussy and made her cum many times in my mouth. I fucked her pussy doggy style and fingered her asshole at the same time. She was moaning heavily and was enjoying everything I was doing to her. After I was done, I walked out of the room as if nothing had happened.

Girl Scouts

When I was 16 my girl scout troop was running a camp for younger girls up in the mountains. We had a cabin in the back of the camp and all the leaders were sleeping in the lodge.

On the first night we played truth or dare and my friend was dared to make out with me and we did. It was my first kiss but she knew what she was doing and was really good at it. I totally forgot where we were and I started playing with her breasts and she was playing with mine. She rolled over on top of me and we were totally grinding into each other. One of the girls in the other cabin walked in right then so we stopped but it stuck with me until the next night. Everyone was almost asleep when one of my friends asked the friend I’d made out with if she would have eaten me out if we hadn’t been stopped. My friends said yes so of course everyone woke up right away and somebody turned on the lights. Everyone was gathered around my bunk as we got totally into and eventually we were both totally naked. She went down on me first and everyone was yelling pointers at her like what she should do to make me cum faster. Eventually I came and went down on her. She came really fast because she was so horny and afterward everyone stood around really awkwardly and someone turned of the lights and we all got into bed. The next morning no one mentioned it but the next year at the same camp we repeated the performance several times and so did some of the other girls.

One Night Stand

It started out as a simple game of beer Bong and a need for a partner. It ended up with him and I lying on my friend’s living room floor together. Jack pulled me close to him, and I could smell vodka and beer on his breath as he tried to pull me in for a kiss. I resisted because I had just met him a few hours before. He got on top of me pushing his already rock hard cock into my leg and pushing his tongue deep into my mouth and brushing it against my own. I could feel myself slipping into the temptation he had laid in front of me.

I heard my friend’s bed room door open and two seconds later she was crawling up next to us as jack was slipping his fingers in and out of my tight wet pussy. She had no idea that inside I wanted to moan so bad from the pleasure he was giving me. I told her we were tired and were getting ready to go to bed. As soon as her door shut jack started whispering in my ear how much better this would feel for him and me if it was his cock instead of his fingers which were still sliding in and out of my pussy. After a few more minutes of convincing I gave into him.

He took his clothes off and slid my pants down my body rubbing my legs as he did so. I smiled up at him and he leaned down and kissed me before turning me over and pulling up my waist so my ass was sticking up while my face got buried into a pillow. He rubbed my pussy more which was very wet at this time and then stuck his cock in and I moaned somewhat in pleasure and a little more in pain. He thrust in once and I moaned as this amazing feeling rushed through my body. I pushed back as he started to thrust faster into me. We found a nice steady rythym and I was moaning his name. I thought my friend was gonna walk out because he was pounding my pussy so hard my head was hitting the wall in front of us. He was smacking my ass and squeezing it when I felt myself orgasm and I shook and breathed heavy as he continued to fuck me. He rolled me over onto my back and kissed me before shoving his dick back in. I lifted my hips up and spread my legs wider so I could feel him deeper in me. He started groaning and I felt him pull out and his cum being shot across my body. I wiped it off with my finger and licked it up with my tongue. He leaned down and licked some off my nipple and then kissed me with tongue sliding his cum across my tongue. We both got dressed and snuggled close to each other.

We went for round 2 the next morning until we heard my friends door open. He came in me and I moaned until I saw my friend’s face come into view.