While staying in a hostel in Europe I met this blond, slightly tall and lanky older English broad. She was 28 at the time and I was only 20. She was a complete sugar momma and bought me drinks, drugs, and cabs all night long as we went from bar to bar. Things started to get hot and at about 8am we couldn’t take the tease of making out, grinding and dry humping any longer so we decided to head back to the hotel.

Once we get back to the hotel we run up to my room to commence sex. I open the door to my 12 person hotel room and everyone is awake..”your room?” I ask. We run down a few flights of stairs to her room, we open and the door and her 5 roommates all wake up….horny as fuck with nowhere to fuck we conclude that we should just have sex right there in the hallway.

She starts to blow me because I am incredibly flaccid and I get to about a 3/4 boner and start to fuck her doggy style on the carpet. I get serious rug burn and my limp dick falls out and she blows me again until I get it “somewhat” up. She proceeds to try and ride me, of course dick goes limp once again. She says “fuck you, im not giving you head anymore” and we both mutually gave up for night. I woke up after a long sleep in and as I walk downstairs all the hostel workers start clapping and laughing. I ask what this standing ovation is all about and they tell me “don’t you know all the halls have cameras?”.

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