Improved Sex Life

Due to a number of family problems, our sex life was at an all time low. I noticed that this was having an effect on my husband so thought of ways to perk up our sex life. The thought of a 3some came to me, but with who? Then a chance phone call, a male friend who I’d know for many years (much longer than I’ve known my husband) called to say that he was working near to us and would it be okay if we were to put him up for a couple of nights. I jumped at the chance, of course you can, I replied, my fantasy was coming together. I’ll add here that this male friend and me did once have a thing going so he’d seen me naked before.

Anyway, on the first night of his stay, all three of us were drinking wine and talking about old times. When the time came for bed, I got the spare bed ready then dropped down on it, that’s it I said, I’m ready for sleep. My husband tried to get me off the bed without success, so he pulled at my slacks, thinking that I could never show off my pussy to anyone, little did he know !! With my slacks off, my skimpy knickers (pre-arranged) didn’t hide much, then I lay back with a sexy smile on my face as my husband undid my blouse. I lay there with just my bra and knickers on, then my husband took off my bra letting my 44DD breasts flop out, then off came my knickers. Leaving me naked in from of both my husband and my friend.

At first I was a little shy but soon (like under a minute) relaxed and opened out my legs to show all I had to them. My husband took the hint and lay beside me as he nibbled my nipple while running a finger along my shaven pussy slit. I was soon very wet as my friend joined us and did the same. My hand went between their legs to fondle their growning cocks. Oh, I think you two are a little over dressed, aren’t you? Without a word they both stood up and stripped, I looked at they pulled down their pants to show off their erect cocks. Laying beside me again, I fondled their cocks, then my husband rolled onto me and pushed his cock all the way up into my soppy pussy before thrusting in and out. As he came, so did I but I wasn’t satisfied. my husband pulled out and I nodded to my friend, who looked over to my husband, who, to my surprise, nodded back. My friend (who I know had had the op), pushed his erection up into my waiting pussy and pumped like mad into me. I came twice before he did, while my friend was doing this, I was sucking off my husband, then the tables were turned and I sucked my friend as my husband shafted me again. This went on for over an hour before we were all too tired.

Finally we all had a good kiss and cuddle before my husband and I went to our bedroom and my friend got into the spare bed. Speaking with my husband in bed, I asked him what his thoughts were. He told me he loved it and can’t wait for the next time we do it.

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