Good Girl

A few weeks ago my wife and I were at a party with people from my job. We are all good friends. During the party, my very drunk wife was cuddling up to one of my very best friends and flirting with him. My wife then unbuttoned his shirt and put her hand inside and began to fondle and caress his chest as I watched from across the room. She said to my friend, “Everybody thinks I’m such a nice girl, but I’m really very naughty! I love to fuck all the time! ” What surprised me wasn’t just that my wife was acting so slutty with my good friend, but it was turning me on!!

Later at home when we were in the middle of making love, my wife told me she wanted to have sex with another man! When I asked her if she meant my friend she just smiled and kind of nodded. The next day when she was sober and hung over she was crying and telling me how sorry she was about the night before. I did not tell her, but I wasn’t sorry it happened. I thought that would be the end of it, but a few days later my friend now tells me he wants to fuck my wife!!!! I told him what she had said and he told me how lucky I was to have a wife who would want to do that. Again I was surprised how turned on it made me, thinking of my friend fucking my wife! I realize now that I want my wife to become a cheating slut.

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