Revenge is Salty

I was very mad at my husband for going to war. While he was gone I was out cheating, enjoying myself and other people. When he came home it all stopped until last Monday. I told my husband I was going out with the girls for some drinks but instead I went out and fucked my lover that took care of me while he was away.

After we were done he drove me home. On the way home I had the need to suck him off. We pulled up to the house and my husband was sitting on the porch, thank god the tinted windows on the car was dark. I continued to suck him off until he came. When he came I got out and gave my husband a nice big wet one right on the lips, without knowing he’s tasting my lovers cum.

Mean Girlfriend

One day my girlfriends stopped having sex with me, so I made her watch me have sex with her female pitbull in front of me. She got jealous, and now were having sex again.


My girlfriend and I got bored one day and started to make some love. After our clothes had been flung across the room, she attempted to what I can only describe as some sort of mounting move. After lifting one leg over me, her supporting leg slipped off the sofa and landed on my penis. I was in agony. Sir Edmond Hillary would be spinning in his grave. But like a true trooper I continued the dirty deed until I managed to shoot my load all over her ample and lovely boobs. Upon closer inspection my jizz turned out to be mixed with blood. Turns out she had broken some blood vessels in my shaft.

The Next Best Thing

I’ve always wanted to see my wife with another man. We’ve roleplayed this a few times, but she’s made it very clear that she will never do it in real life, despite my trying to talk her into it in a variety of ways over several years.

Since she won’t be with another man, I decided to do the next best thing that I could think of. I posted an ad on craigslist, got some responses and then had one of these men come to our house when she was at work. We met in a parking lot nearby and then I had him follow me to the house.

Once we got here, I had a half-dozen or so nude pics of her printed out and laid on the bed. We went through her things, particularly her panty/lingerie drawer and started to get hard. Once he was ready, I got onto me knees, unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. I finished getting him hard with my hands and then sucked on him for five or six minutes until he was getting close to cumming.

When he was about ready, we moved into the bathroom and he shot most of his load into a bottle of her body wash. Some of his cum splattered on the floor and I used her toothbrush to clean that up. We said our goodbyes and I cleaned up the remaining evidence.

I’ve chatted with the guy a few times over email and we’re thinking about having him over again and this time cum onto her dildo and vibrator.

The Online Whore

I met a married man online. He really wanted to have wild kinky sex with a stranger. So did I. I met him and I let him do whatever he wanted to do, that he couldn’t do with his wife. He wanted to see me pee and spray it all over myself. He ate me out and fucked me real hard and deep in a doggy position. He fucked my titties and came in my mouth. I love the taste of his cum and his big balls slapping my face, it felt so good being a discrete whore and making our fantasy come true.

Juicy Thong

My boyfriend of 3 years was making love to me 2 weeks ago. He used what he calls doggy greet on me; he put his 7 inch cock in me and started fucking me for a while and taking it out. I thought he was going to quit on me after he unloaded in me, but to my surprise he got down and ate me out. He repeated a few times until I cummed. When I was moaning in delight, he grabbed my thong on the bed, used it to wipe up my snatch. I thought the thin material of the thong wouldn’t be enough to absorb my juices. I said, “Now what will I wear under my skirt.” He told me, “Shhhhh, don’t say anything and open your mouth.” I did so, thinking he was going to put his cock in, but he shoved my thong in my mouth and told me to suck on it and enjoy my own juices.

I couldn’t believe what he just did to me, making me taste my juices and whatever’s on my thong. But on the same token, I felt dominated by him and loved every bit of it. Usually, he would eat me out and lick my flow and then give me a kiss. I love his surprises. Maybe tonight I’ll blow him and hold his cum in my mouth and kiss him, returning the favor of having him taste his yummy jizz.

Smelly Pillow

Sometimes I pretend to have sex with a pillow. I have cummed on the pillow over 50 times and still use it when I go to sleep.

Lesbian Juices

I love to watch lesbian pornos. Even though I love having sex with men, watching lesbians eat each other’s pussies is such a turn on. I can imagine how it would feel to run my hands over a woman’s breasts while I’m lapping up her juices with my tongue. I would love to “scissor” with a hot woman and feel her pussy rubbing against mine.

Cum Shower!

My girlfriend and I have sex at least 4 times a day, and every single time she cums like a tap. Once she came all over me 15 times in the one session, I love her warm juices running down the inside of my legs, and down my cock. My god, when she cums, she cums. I think I might stand under her for a shower seeing the water pressure is stronger!

Fucked by a Stranger

My husband wants to watch me getting fucked by a stranger. I know he wants to take pictures and have me suck his huge dick too. I’m really excited about it and want to surprise him.