My mother inlaw lives with us. I was involved in a bad auto accident and she helped take care of me while my wife was at work. I was totally bed ridden for four weeks and was in pretty bad shape. Mother would feed me, bath me, dress me, and do all that I couldn’t do for myself. One morning she helped me into the bath and was washing me all over when I got this big erection that stuck out of the bath water. I was very embarrassed and she just smiled and asked what I was going to do with that? I said I was sorry and couldn’t help it as I hadn’t had sex in over 4 weeks.

Mother said she could help me if I wanted? I asked what she had in mind and she reached in the water and started stroking my penis. I was very erect and I thought I was going to cum. Mother stopped and said she’s help me with this problem after I got back in bed. I couldn’t wait. I then dried off and with crutches got back into my bed. Mother came in and slowly started stroking my cock and then put some Vaseline on my cock and started giving me a wonderful hand job. She massaged my balls and seemed to love how it made me smile and feel. She said she used to do this to her brother who was crippled and couldn’t walk. I wondered how she had gotten so good at this! I had the biggest hardon and I was about to cum when she placed a small hand towel on my stomach and I shot off with a huge load of cum. Mother, now don’t you feel better?

I just smiled and said a whole lot better and went to sleep for another 2 hours. The next morning mother and I repeated the same wonderful experience and it was great. About another 2 weeks went by and mother was giving me my morning hand job when I couldn’t help myself and I reached under her dress and started rubbing her panties. She seemed shocked at first and then stopped and said this will help and slid off her panties and smiled at me. I kept rubbing her and she kept stroking my penis. She was really getting turned on and when I stuck my fingers inside her she stopped me and said is this going to be a problem?

I said no and all of a sudden she jumped up took off her dress and climbed right on top of me and grabbed my cock and shoved it inside her pussy and started riding me like I was a bucking bronco. My mother inlaw went wild and the 15 years that she hadn’t had sex was being let go. I was amazed at how tight and great she felt for a 66 year old woman! She let go with about 3 good climaxs and just smiled at me with a big grin. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I asked if it was alright to cum inside her?

She asked me if I wanted to cum inside her or in her mouth? When she said that I burst out with a great big load inside her and she got a great big grin on her face. We just laid there in total ecstasy. Mother then pulled my dick from her pussy and slowly went down on me and licked and cleaned all the cum from my cock. She then left the room and returned with a warm damp wash cloth and cleaned me up further. I went to sleep for another 3 hours and when I woke up mother wanted to talk to me. She asked that I keep this our little secret and never let my wife know. She said we couldn’t do this very much and wanted to know how I felt about what we had done? I said it was great and that I was happy she shared herself with me. I joked and said “it better to keep it in the family” and she totally agreed. My mother in law has been living with us now for 10 years and we’ve had sex hundreds of time over the years. My mother in law gives the greatest “head” and loves to swallow and eat cum. Sometimes when I get home before my wife all I can think of is getting a “blow job” from mother before dinner and she never turns me down.


While staying in a hostel in Europe I met this blond, slightly tall and lanky older English broad. She was 28 at the time and I was only 20. She was a complete sugar momma and bought me drinks, drugs, and cabs all night long as we went from bar to bar. Things started to get hot and at about 8am we couldn’t take the tease of making out, grinding and dry humping any longer so we decided to head back to the hotel.

Once we get back to the hotel we run up to my room to commence sex. I open the door to my 12 person hotel room and everyone is awake..”your room?” I ask. We run down a few flights of stairs to her room, we open and the door and her 5 roommates all wake up….horny as fuck with nowhere to fuck we conclude that we should just have sex right there in the hallway.

She starts to blow me because I am incredibly flaccid and I get to about a 3/4 boner and start to fuck her doggy style on the carpet. I get serious rug burn and my limp dick falls out and she blows me again until I get it “somewhat” up. She proceeds to try and ride me, of course dick goes limp once again. She says “fuck you, im not giving you head anymore” and we both mutually gave up for night. I woke up after a long sleep in and as I walk downstairs all the hostel workers start clapping and laughing. I ask what this standing ovation is all about and they tell me “don’t you know all the halls have cameras?”.

Revenge is Salty

I was very mad at my husband for going to war. While he was gone I was out cheating, enjoying myself and other people. When he came home it all stopped until last Monday. I told my husband I was going out with the girls for some drinks but instead I went out and fucked my lover that took care of me while he was away.

After we were done he drove me home. On the way home I had the need to suck him off. We pulled up to the house and my husband was sitting on the porch, thank god the tinted windows on the car was dark. I continued to suck him off until he came. When he came I got out and gave my husband a nice big wet one right on the lips, without knowing he’s tasting my lovers cum.

Too Tight

After my last relationship, I told myself I wasn’t going to have sex for a while until I was sure about who I was with. But then one day when I was feeling lonely I was at my on again off again ex-boyfriends house and he convinced me to mess around. We get our clothes off and got going…then he stopped. No less than 2 minutes after we started, he came. Seriously, 2 minutes. He then proceeded to tell me that it was my fault, because I was too tight.

My Girlfriend’s Sister

My girlfriend’s sister is so hot. She has great big globe tits. My girlfriend only has bumps compared to her. Every time she comes over I do everything I can to get a peek at those tits. She sees me doing it all the time. She even walked in on me masturbating to her picture. I thought I was busted but decided to “help” me out. Now all I can think of is her, I love my girlfriend’s sister.

Webcam Joy

I had my very first sexual experience, via webcam! It’s wonderful! I let a total stranger (just met him 30 minutes online prior to getting naked with him) see me naked, and I spread my legs nice and wide for him. I don’t even know his name! I showed him my hard nipples, bent over to show him my ass hole, and not only eagle-spread my legs for him, I also spread opened my pussy hole as comfortably as I could so he could see deep inside my pussy hole! He saw my vaginal muscles, etc., every inch of my body! A total sexual examination! I loved it and so did he. We promised to keep in touch. Whatever. I just love having guys lust after my body–casual sex. I am a sex object after all, and a great slut at that! I felt no embarrassment at all. I was totally relaxed. I’m such an exhibitionist!

Love To Be Watched

My lover and I were at a very secluded park one day. We were parked well off the road, and he had come around to open my door. When he did, I grabbed his pants, undid them, and started giving him a blowie. His cock is beautiful. Irresistible, really.

Anyway, I was sitting in the passenger seat enjoying him as he stood there looking down on me as I sucked him. I was having a wonderful suck when a car started coming down the road. My lover pulled away and was trying to get his cock back in his pants, but I was fighting him for it and got him back in my mouth. There were two guys in the car, and they slowed way down when they got close to us. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was that they were watching me sucking this big, beautiful, hard cock. My lover tried to pull away again, so I grabbed his ass hard and started sucking him more vigorously. He lost it and started pumping his hips. I kept looking over at the guys in the car. One of them was practically in the lap of the guy driving, trying to get a better look.

I was showing off, taking my tongue and running it all over my lover’s cock so they could get a good look, then sliding him all the way down into my throat and sucking him hard. He had my hair now, and was pumping my mouth vigorously. My lover shot a great, hot load of cum that was so sweet, and I just kept sucking him. I was so turned on, I didn’t want to stop. But he finally pulled away and did his pants back up. He didn’t know what to think, I suppose. The show over, the guys drove off, but they made a u-turn further up the road and came back real slow. I think they were hoping to catch something else interesting. I waved and blew a kiss at them, and they were cracking up laughing and blowing kisses back, then drove off. But I was still so horny. I put the seat all the way back and lay down and started playing with my puss. My lover got into the car and fucked me with my feet planted up on the ceiling. I was sort of hoping the guys would come back and watch, but they didn’t. I never really thought I was a voyeur, but I loved having them watch us. I was thinking about it when I came.

Good Girl

A few weeks ago my wife and I were at a party with people from my job. We are all good friends. During the party, my very drunk wife was cuddling up to one of my very best friends and flirting with him. My wife then unbuttoned his shirt and put her hand inside and began to fondle and caress his chest as I watched from across the room. She said to my friend, “Everybody thinks I’m such a nice girl, but I’m really very naughty! I love to fuck all the time! ” What surprised me wasn’t just that my wife was acting so slutty with my good friend, but it was turning me on!!

Later at home when we were in the middle of making love, my wife told me she wanted to have sex with another man! When I asked her if she meant my friend she just smiled and kind of nodded. The next day when she was sober and hung over she was crying and telling me how sorry she was about the night before. I did not tell her, but I wasn’t sorry it happened. I thought that would be the end of it, but a few days later my friend now tells me he wants to fuck my wife!!!! I told him what she had said and he told me how lucky I was to have a wife who would want to do that. Again I was surprised how turned on it made me, thinking of my friend fucking my wife! I realize now that I want my wife to become a cheating slut.

Sex on a Plane

I had just gotten married and was on my way to our honeymoon. The night right before the wedding I had sex with a complete stranger and it was great. Then I got married, but on the flight to Paris the first class bathroom was out of service, so we had to use the one in the back. I used to get air sick, but not after this. I fell into the flight attendants arms and kissed him. We kissed some more and then his friend came over and started touching me all over. Next minute I was being fucked from behind and sucking on another dick. And then they switched positions. My new hubby didn’t question the time I was gone because he knows I get air sick. But every time we go on vacation I spend long minutes in the back with some of the hottest attendants.

Improved Sex Life

Due to a number of family problems, our sex life was at an all time low. I noticed that this was having an effect on my husband so thought of ways to perk up our sex life. The thought of a 3some came to me, but with who? Then a chance phone call, a male friend who I’d know for many years (much longer than I’ve known my husband) called to say that he was working near to us and would it be okay if we were to put him up for a couple of nights. I jumped at the chance, of course you can, I replied, my fantasy was coming together. I’ll add here that this male friend and me did once have a thing going so he’d seen me naked before.

Anyway, on the first night of his stay, all three of us were drinking wine and talking about old times. When the time came for bed, I got the spare bed ready then dropped down on it, that’s it I said, I’m ready for sleep. My husband tried to get me off the bed without success, so he pulled at my slacks, thinking that I could never show off my pussy to anyone, little did he know !! With my slacks off, my skimpy knickers (pre-arranged) didn’t hide much, then I lay back with a sexy smile on my face as my husband undid my blouse. I lay there with just my bra and knickers on, then my husband took off my bra letting my 44DD breasts flop out, then off came my knickers. Leaving me naked in from of both my husband and my friend.

At first I was a little shy but soon (like under a minute) relaxed and opened out my legs to show all I had to them. My husband took the hint and lay beside me as he nibbled my nipple while running a finger along my shaven pussy slit. I was soon very wet as my friend joined us and did the same. My hand went between their legs to fondle their growning cocks. Oh, I think you two are a little over dressed, aren’t you? Without a word they both stood up and stripped, I looked at they pulled down their pants to show off their erect cocks. Laying beside me again, I fondled their cocks, then my husband rolled onto me and pushed his cock all the way up into my soppy pussy before thrusting in and out. As he came, so did I but I wasn’t satisfied. my husband pulled out and I nodded to my friend, who looked over to my husband, who, to my surprise, nodded back. My friend (who I know had had the op), pushed his erection up into my waiting pussy and pumped like mad into me. I came twice before he did, while my friend was doing this, I was sucking off my husband, then the tables were turned and I sucked my friend as my husband shafted me again. This went on for over an hour before we were all too tired.

Finally we all had a good kiss and cuddle before my husband and I went to our bedroom and my friend got into the spare bed. Speaking with my husband in bed, I asked him what his thoughts were. He told me he loved it and can’t wait for the next time we do it.